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How the Hotkey in ElfBot

ElfBot hotkeys are editable and simple to use, just a little dedication to understand the workings In the picture, see that there are two spaces corresponding to the characters, which will be added to the first key that will activate a command given in the second space character. You can have up to 96 hotkeys, where each one is limited to 512 characters.
Chosen key and the command entered, check the BOX command line corresponding to the BOX and select "Hotkeys enabled". Then the bot panel, click save to be saved. Hotkeys can also be created via the 'hotkey wizard, "which is part of the hotkeys elfbot.Shortkeys.
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Shortkeys work similarly with hotkeys. The difference is that instead of being used keyboard shortcuts (hotkeys), will be used words / phrases to execute a predetermined command. PS: The word / phrase should be said in Default Channel. persistent Hotkeys
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Persistent hotkeys, as the name implies, are hotkeys that are initialized automatically when given load at a given slot [1,2,3,4,5]. In each slot, you can make a config. Suppose your character is called elfbrasil, and in slot 1 there cavebot settings, in slot 2, settings war ... ie fully customizable.
And this is not only valid for persistent hotkeys, but also to any other function of the bot. Cavebot hotkeys Work similarly to persistent hotkeys. To be implemented, the "follow waypoints" must be selected.
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Clicking edit will be directed to the cavebot hotkeys window, as shown below.
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Each command must be placed in line.
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