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  • Knight Basic Tutorial: Targeting [Targeting Monster]

    Friday, November 2, 2012 Posted by Gabriel Gomes

    Tutorial Basico Knight: Targeting [ Monster Targeting ]

    In this tutorial I will show how to make a basic configuration for ElfBot in [Targeting], directly to knight, but could be worth to any vocation, that is des make small changes.

    Let's start with: | Monster Definition and Behaviours |

    For Knight, this would basically punch in the photo to the left.
    Come to the most important parts:
    Name: (Name of the creature)
    Monster attacks: (Leave this as)
    Danger Level: danger level, the greater the danger of the creature, the greater this number. (The Rating is classified by the player).
    Desired Stance: (Leave this as)
    Desired action: Attack place in the first section and the second in Action.

    If wanted to use any magic or rune in the second section you can opine.
    War ring: If you want your ElfBot, replace any ring, choose this section.

    Now Let's go: | Target selection (even in Cavebot) |

    This part is important, it will rank as the you want the bot is limited to use functions more than others.
    See image on the left.
    I put ElfBot look for the creature for Life ie, 0 to 100 is important for him to do! (This will cause it to not come out looking another creature) (Health) and this is more important than the approach (Proximity) and greater than two, the level of danger is even more (Danger).

    Rate o'que you want according to the approach of "small arrow" to the right.

    The more to the right, the most sought ElfBot run first.

    Let's go now: | Options Stance |

    Range distance: made ​​to run while your bot attack by far (quite used to mage and paladin)
    Attack frequency: one would attack every 2000 milliseconds
    Ignore other's Moster: another monster would be to ignore according to the amount of SQM that another player of this creature.

    Last to Come And Why: | Saving & Loading settings |

    And Finally and very importantly, save ... This already happened to me, I make a very elaborate setup and forget to save ...

    Edit: Serve so you can edit what do saved.
    Save: Save what do configured.
    Load: Load what do was salt

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