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  • Refiller Basic Tutorial: Buying Potions and returning to Cave

    Friday, November 2, 2012 Posted by Gabriel Gomes

    Creating the Label Home

    1º Mark Stand on the beginning of the cave, that is done you will select what do you clicking scored upon where this marked on your Cavebot by clicking it he'll be with that grayish color.
    For those who have no idea what I'm talking about, it would be in the photo below: [S 000: 32 339 32 226 8] clicking on it, you select and highlight it.

    2º Now that you've selected, click Label, Label appear when you click on a new label called jenala Waypoint as shown in the photo below.
    In the new window that appeared you put the name of the label you want to do return if the Action Potion is Greater than the minimum. (I always choose Start)
    Ie if it is still 100 and you placed to buy 20 missing, she returns to oLabel you PUT the name. in my case: Start.
    Click OK when finished entering a name

    Showing the names of Labels in the Waypoints Cavebot

    For your Cavebot motre the name of each lebal you do, click Show Labels and see the names that appear out instead of numbers where you put as Label.

    Marking the Cave

    Now check the Cave where you want your character to go, give up all around, preferably back to near where you marked the first time.

    Adding the Action

    For those who do not know add an Action, dry the small Tutorial:

    When you finish the basement is the time to create the action check in ultimaWaypoint checked.

    1 Select the last waypoint marked

    2 Click Action, there will be a new space for you adicionarsua action

    3 Go into the new space and add your Action.

    This Action: It will check if it has more than 20 Health Potion, if more than 20 will return to the Start LABEL. (At Hotkey, the Backpack has to be open)
    if [ $itemcount.266 >= 20 ] gotolabel Start

    If you have less than 20 Health Potion, it will continue and will not return to the label Start!

    Going to buy Potions Store:

    Now it is necessary that you go to your checking cavebot, your character out of the basement to the store.
    It is important that you check if your char will exit the cave!
    Go on until you reach scoring Store, near the NPC.

    Speaking to the NPC and buying:

    Now that you have arrived in the shop, make a purchase for Action, I used a simple action of purchase:
    say 'hi'
    wait 1000
    npcsay 'trade'
    wait 1000
    buyitems 266 100
    wait 1000
    say 'bye'

    See the picture below how it went:

    Speaking to the NPC and buying:

    Now, they bought, just go back scoring percurço all, as far as this marked the first waypoint marking on your Cavebot.
    When you mark up as close as possible to the first mark, you SAVES course and selects Fallow Waypoints.
    The ElfBot cavebot that will back up automatically, making it back to the Start label and starting to hunt.

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