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Action for Refills: SD and any other rune

This Action will tell you how many SD MET, if greater (>) than 200 that he will return to the Start label, if less, the action continues perminitr√° the waypoint and go do you refill schedule.

If you want to edit it just rename the label and the id of rune

  • NOTE: The count of SD or any other rune, only serve to BACKPACK (BP) is OPEN!

1st Option

countitemsvisible 3155 | if [$count >= 200] gotolabel Start

2st Option

if [ $itemcount.3155 >= 200 ] gotolabel Start

If you want to edit this hotkey below, just change the name of the label and the name of the Rune

if [$itemcount.'sudden death rune' >= 100] gotolabel 'Start'
  • /\ This Hotkey is not necessary that the backpack is open.
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