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Attack with "Magic X" creature "X SQM" away, if you see any player not drop "Such magic"

Hotkey This will make your character attack 2 to 3 SQM creatures away, if you see any player will not attack with magic.
auto 100 if [$monstersaround. 3 >=2 && $playersaround. 7 == 0] {say 'Exori'}
This Hotkey, may be modified following the magic values ​​and above.
Understanding Hotkey:
For example: If I want it to appear 4 to 5 creatures SQM distance from my char, he release the magic Exori Gran, I just modify the values ​​in hotkey, thus
auto 100 if [$monstersaround. 5 >=4 && $playersaround. 7 == 0] {say 'Exori Gran'}
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