• Hotkeys for Attack:
  • Attack with "Magic X" creature "X SQM" away, if you see any player not drop "Such magic"

    Friday, November 2, 2012 Posted by Gabriel Gomes
    Hotkey This will make your character attack 2 to 3 SQM creatures away, if you see any player will not attack with magic.
    auto 100 if [$monstersaround. 3 >=2 && $playersaround. 7 == 0] {say 'Exori'}
    This Hotkey, may be modified following the magic values ​​and above.
    Understanding Hotkey:
    For example: If I want it to appear 4 to 5 creatures SQM distance from my char, he release the magic Exori Gran, I just modify the values ​​in hotkey, thus
    auto 100 if [$monstersaround. 5 >=4 && $playersaround. 7 == 0] {say 'Exori Gran'}

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