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    Hotkeys for Support:
  • Cavebot - Looting

    Friday, November 2, 2012 Posted by Gabriel Gomes


    As the name implies, this part of cavebot, you set up that will get loot

    • To post a new item:
    • First, click <New Entry>
    • . The first square, put the item ID
    • . The second square, for which BP will put the item:
    • Bps 0-15 0-15 numbered in the order that you opened them
    • e The bot and put the item in the first bp with space
    • Same as
    • e1 and bp but skips the first
    • g The bot puts the item on top of the monster's body
    • . The third square, place a description of your choice
    The Del button can be used to delete the selected item from the loot


    1. On this ot i bot at Orshabaals, and there i use "Exevo gran mas frigo" and heal with great mana pot.

      When i killed the orsha, my bot spam the mana pot so the bot can't loot the orsha couse the bot spam the mana bot,

      do you have any tip for me?

    2. Please i don't undertand explanation , i need tutorial of looting.
      They can up images and good explanation?

    3. I have the same problem, When I use Exevo Gran Mas Frigo or any other spell which takes up alot of mana, bot doesnt loot but instead it stands and pots itself