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  • Cavebot - Options

    Friday, November 2, 2012 Posted by Gabriel Gomes

    • Use rope: Rope you use determines whether normal or using Elvenhair Rope
    • Use shovel: determines whether you use Shovel or Light Shovel

    When you are attacking a monster and go the distance specified in Nearby Skip Nodes of a Waypoint type Node, the Node cavebot skip this and go to the next waypoint. This is good because your character is not going up there in front and have to come back, he just goes. Thus, the Node is the most recommended waypoint to walk in the basement.
    • Open next bp: When checked, the bot looks at all your open bps. If one is full, the demand within this bot bp and another opens
    • Loot nearby targets: Enables or disables the loot of targets that were killed beside her
    • Loot distant targets: Enables or disables the loot targets that killed more than 1sqm away from the char

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