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    Friday, November 2, 2012 Posted by Gabriel Gomes
    Tutorial Healing in ElfBot.

    Generally the first Spell Hi, is the magic weaker and the second strongest. As an example in the picture, put the first and second exura exura gran.

    In Health put as much life you want to say exura, in the example shown in the image placed 200 health and 100 mana. The UH Rune option is to use the UH rune to heal you.

    HP Potion is to heal with potions. In the image will then put to heal with 170 my life with light (Health Potion). Clicking the Light which you can alteralo potion want to be healado, For example: If you want to be healado with Strong Health, double-click and type Light (S) shortening Strong Health. Same Thing in MP Potion.

    Shortly after finishing, click the button 1 and then save on the elf bot
    I hope I helped, no doubt comment.

    Hi Spell: (Magic with little power to regenerate life)
    Spell Lo: (with great magic power of regeneration of life)
    Health: (How much life healarĂ¡)
    Mana: (Amount of mana that magic use)

    UH Rune: (Runa UH)
    HP Potion: (Potion regeneration of life, the right side you have the section Tipe: [Light] in this section you classify what type of potion you want your ElfBot use to heal.
    MP Potion (Mana Potion, used for mana regeneration. Tipe section: [Light] in this section you classify what type of mana potion you want your ElfBot use to regenerate mana.

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