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    Thursday, November 1, 2012 Posted by Gabriel Gomes


    For starters, know that the Elf has 5 slots, you will need to click on a number and give SLOT LOAD whenever you open the Elf, and after setting you also have to click SAVE and give a SLOT.
    Example: how do you configure everything taught here, click 1, then SAVE, give then the next time you use it soh enter the same char, click 1 and LOAD.
    Opening another character settings: If you saved the char configs in "Main", you can open them on another character, simply enter this another char, click Custon, find the config, and give OK LOAD.

    Now let's configure each part of the Elf needed:


    set depending on you, for I put mages in war as in SS is only for use with 500 UH mana. NEVER use for using automatic MANA! This usually catch the char


    Same SS, for better performance and less Lag.


    Like SS. Some select "look at players automatically", but I think well sux cuz pollutes the screen and can be distracting.

    Cavebot e Targeting:

    Used to put the char. (ElfBot is the best bot for cavebot, put through the beginning hard to configure)


    Mt good in war, makes the players to "communicate" with each other, with the right hotkey it shows where friends are all using it as tbm Navigation map of Tibia, all enemies on screen these friends out thousands of friends roles heal etc. . Still "no use".

    Hotkeys / Shortkeys


    are the custom settings of your ELF, each configuration has to be made of it a hotkey. Example, due to be giving utamo vita, without leaving out, for this should be made ​​a hotkey self manashield 200, which should be activated. The cool thing is that you enable and disable everything configures everything, the key that you want, Pause, Printscreen, ".", Page up, etc..
    There are endless hotkeys, I put only the "essential" here, speaking briefly to each one serves


    hotkeys are the same, but it is necessary to activate say something in Default. Only usually use 2, one for identifying the "combo leaders" and another to play in Soulfire enemy when I say "SF" in default. Here is the "code of these 2.
    sf - auto 200 soulf anyenemy - Soulfire plays the enemies on the screen. Do not play the same player for 20 seconds.
    outf - auto 1000 setoutfit 'Xeosnar' 12 | setoutfit 'Vicorf' 12 | setoutfit 'Yksan' 12 | setoutfit 'Scimidt' 12 - Change the outfit of these 4 players for a Morgaroth. Very good to identify the "combo

    These "MOVE" you used to walk through the "num lock" there, tecladiho numeric. The NUMLOCK MUST BE ACTIVATED to work.
    • num 1 - movesw
    • num 2 - moves
    • num 3 - movese
    • num 4 - movew
    • num 5 - exivalast
    • num 6 - movee
    • num 7 - movenw
    • num 8 - moven
    • num 9 - movene
    • num0 - equipammy 3081 (equip with SSA / Good for hours of danger, desperation, to put the SSA quickly and give time to run)
    num. - scrollview (increases its vision toward the char are looking)
    num+ - spyup (view from upstairs)
    num- - spydown (view from downstairs)
    num* - auto 200 isnotattacking attack target (atack forever / igual to atack forever NG, but can be enabled and disabled. Very good in stack atacks. In battles with large stack + combo leader ends up being very perfect, because the whole team aiming for the same target without stopping)
    del (tecla delete) - auto 100 autoaim | if $fired wait 900 (alone attack the enemies on the screen, regardless if you have the combo leader on your screen or not. Of course if you have a combo leader on the screen, the SD will play the combo leader and not in "their" best enemy. Good for some stacks / Opens. Generally used by leaders combo)
    home - auto 200 manashield (ends when the utamo vita, renews alone)
    ins (tecla insert) - auto 200 mphigher 100 healparalysis 'utani gran hur | safe sio 65 friend(utani paralyze heal with gran hur friends and sodium in less than 65% of life)
    pgup (tecla page up) - auto 200 mphigher 100 healparalysis 'utani gran hur' | manashield | safe sio 70 friend | mphigher 100 ifnothasted say 'utani gran hur' (even insert, but already includes auto mana shield and give utani gran hur alone)
    pgdn (tecla pagedown) - auto 200 mphigher 100 ifnothasted say 'utani gran hur' | equipsring 3053 3090 (Time to put ring and gives nonstop gran hur. Good for leaks)
    end - paralyze target (Paralyze uses the best target. Shortly useful, I prefer to use "del" to use the hotkey Autoaim and paralyze normal)
    = (tecla = ) - auto 100 if [$dmgs > 450] equipammy 3081 (Place SSA when they charge over 450 for you, you can change the value)
    (hotkey normal pra GMP) - gmana self (hotkley beyond what you normally use GMP, f3 for example, make this hotkey elf too, pq dai vai spamear GMP, so you can use GMP running more easily)

    EXEMPLO: safe sio 65 friend >>> safe uhpc 65 friend (vai usar UH nos amigos com menos de 65% de vida, esse valor pode ser alterado)

    Bom, a partir destas hotkeys deduzam as mudan├žas que quiserem, para Knight etc, exemplo
    pgup(page up key) >>> auto 200 mphigher 100 healparalysis 'utani tempo hur' | mphigher 100 ifnothasted say 'utani hur'

    OPEN: active PAGE UP, DELETE
    Always: enable =
    STACK: * activate and DELETE (delete in "hours strategic")

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