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ElfBot Tutorial: Functions HUD

  • HUD > Player info enabled: Displays information of chars that pass you by.
  • Show guild name > Shows the name of the guild char
  • Show vocation, level, hp > Shows vocation, life and the level of chars that pass you by.
  • Show Estimated mana > for mages and paladins it shows the mana of chars.
  • Look at players automatically > he look himself in the chars that pass you by
  • Cache player information > it will save those for when you ionformações passasr by char again.
  • Look and update cached entries > look it will give more than once and will do an update on the information.
  • On-screen info enabled > show the ping, the exp / hr and the last target.
  • General information: (?)
  • Death Timers: (?)
  • Magic Wall Timers: Shows how long the magic wall to stop you attacked last.
  • Activated Hotkeys / shortkeys: Displays the screen and the Hk's Shortk's active.
  • Healing percenteages: Shows the percentage when you Heala with a spell or rune.
  • Damaged per second: (?)
  • Spell timers: utamo to vita and rods, it shows the time it takes to finish.
  • Navigation and Exiva players: (?)
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