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  • Hotkeys for Attacking with Exori Con

    Sunday, December 9, 2018 Posted by Gabriel Gomes
    Hotkeys for Attacking with Exori Con - elfbot.net
    Ethereal_Spear  Ethereal Spear
      exori con.

    Normal attack with 'Exori Con' on targeting:

    auto 100 if [$mp >= 25] istargeting say 'Exori Con'

    Attack 'Exori Con' only when monster is on screen:

    auto 100 if [$monstersaround.7 >= 1] istargeting say 'Exori Con'

    Attack 'Exori Con' with monster on screen and mana greater than 25:

    auto 100 if [$monstersaround.7 >= 1 && $mp >= 25 ] istargeting say 'Exori Con'
    • Name: Ethereal Spear
    • Used by:   Paladins of level 23 or higher.
    • Cooldown:  Of magic: 2 seconds. Group: 2 seconds.
    • Mana used: 25 mana.
    • EfeitoPhysical_Damage_Icon[4] Hit the target causing physical damage, has a stronger version Strong Ethereal Spear.
    • Notas:  You can set a hotkey to trigger this spell. If you are not attacking any monster the magic will fail. Put this magic word on a hotkey, select the monster / target and then press the hotkey, a kind of Enchanted Spear will be cast on the opponent regardless of their distance. You do not need to have any weapons on hand to use this spell, however, the damage is based on the weapon you are using, as well as your level and distance skill.

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