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    Saturday, February 1, 2020 Posted by Gabriel Gomes

    Extra options that don't fit in any of the other categories. Many miscellaneous features are located here.
    Framerate booster - This feature is useful to enjoy increased framerates, especially on slower systems, or simply to reduce CPU usage. What it does is reduce the refresh rate of the game GUI to 10fps and focuses resources to redraw the game world more often instead. It is possible to even double in overall fps this way. This feature will also disable graphics when the client is minimized to reduce CPU usage to 0, which makes it possible to have multiple clients running at the same time without lagging your computer or to be able to perform other tasks with Tibia running in the background.

    World Only View - This option will hide the GUI interface of the client and stretch the world-view to the entire client window. The Tibia client also gains top-most status and does not disappear under other windows and can be resized further down than usual. The side effect of this is that the mouse must be disabled because the location of mouse coordinates don't correspond anymore. GUI windows such as channel lists don't appear either and it is necessary to turn world view off to exit the client. This feature is however still useful to watch cams, multiple clients or a small view of your friend or yourself on different levels while you are playing. The framerate of the world-view only client gets capped to 20 if it is not the window currently having focus.

    Open windows small - Opens all windows small. For example, if you have a full backpack and have this option selected; when we open the backpack it will only have the height of one row of items and not 5.

    Keep charlist open - the character list window does not disappear during login.

    Load settings at login - after logging in, loads the last saved settings.

    Open backpacks at login - opens the main backpack and backpacks that are in the main backpack. The rest, ie a backpack that is in a backpack that is in the main backpack will not be opened.

    Ignore locked bot thread - ignores closed thread bot.

    Do not flash screen on alert - does not flash the screen during an alarm.

    Click reuse enabled - This allows you to reuse the same object multiple times without losing the crosshair icon. The object must not change place after being used in the inventory. For example, if we use a potion on a player, it will be held until we click the right button.

    Xray view - This allows you to see player names off-screen and through floors to have a better idea of their positioning. i.e. You see the names of monsters and players below you; and when a player is on the roof.

    Alternate time format - 24 hour clock mode.

    Use old rune aiming - The bot does not use hotkeys to use runes. For example, we have set the targeting of the sd in the monster, and marked this option we have to have open sd backpack. When the sd backpack is closed we will not shoot the rune. Something for the old tibia style. It does not apply to our ingame tibia client hotkeys.

    Take screenshot at death - When you die, elfbot will save a screenshot in the elfbot folder. This can be useful when afk botting and you want to know how you died.

    Load last skin - Loads the last skin used.

    Non-pvp mode - Passes through players.

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