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    Saturday, February 1, 2020 Posted by Gabriel Gomes

    Allies, enemies, sub-allies, and sub-enemies can all be listed here to help the bot recognize who is who. Some options offered to you may also help you recognize them visually more easily.
    Lists are for marking friends and enemies. Very useful when using aimbot and scripts that you need to recognize who is a friend and not. This section also helps when dealing with auto inviting players to your party.

    ​As you can see, there are four main boxes where you can enter player names. Each name needs to be on its own line.
    When creating and using scripts, sometimes it can be useful to separate different groups of friends. As such you can categories your friends into 2groups. (Friends and Sub-Friends). For example, when pking/waring you may want to add the front liners into the "friend" section, and then add all the back liners into the "subfriend" section; so the bot can prioritize healing your front liners first.
    • Enemy names - A list of your enemies.
    • Subenemy names - A list of your enemies, but with less priority (less important).
    • Friend names - A list of your friends.
    • Subfriend names - A list of your friends, but with less priority (less important).

    To add whole guilds, just insert the guild name and before "*". For example, "Boots", where "Boots" is the name of the guild.

    Team Marks: For easy recognition, enemies will have a red E next to their name whereas friends will display a blue F. Subenemies will display a red SE and subfriends a blue SF.
    • Friend - F
    • Subfriend - SF
    • Enemy - E
    • Subenemy - SE

    Color outfits of listed players: for easy recognition, enemy outfits will be painted red whereas friend outfits will be painted blue. Subenemy outfits will be painted with a lighter red and subfriends outfits with a light blue.

    Treat war enemies as - players with a red "badge" (enemy guild)
    • Enemies - will be added to "enemies"
    • Subenemies - will be added to "subenemies"

    Treat war allies as - players with green "badge" (your guild)
    • Friends - will be added to "friends"
    • Subfriends - will be added to "subfriends"

    Invite Requests: If you want to auto-invite people into your party or private chat channel that you've made, enter a keyword to do so here. For example, if your keyword is 'inv', people that message you saying 'inv party' or 'inv channel' will be invited there.

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