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  • Opening dead bodies using scripts

    Saturday, February 1, 2020 Posted by Gabriel Gomes

    From the main panel in elfbot:
    • Click Hotkeys.
    • Then click Edit.
    • Enter the First Script.
    • In the same window as the First Script, hit save then close that window.
    • In the "Custom Hotkeys" window type the second script in, as seen in the image.
    • To the left of the Second Script enter a valid key on your keyboard. (This is used to activate and deactivate the script.)
    • Click the Three buttons, as seen in the image.
    • Close all opened windows, beside the main elfbot window.
    • Click "save" in the main elfbot window.
    To activate, and deactive the script press the button you set when you were setting the scripts up.

    Script One:
    auto 100 | dontlist | if [$target.hppc < 30 && istargeting && $target.posx > 1 && $target.isonscreen 1]{set $mx $target.posx | set $my $target.posy | set $mz $target.posz | set $open 0}

    Script Two:
    auto 700 | listas 'Monster Looter' | if [$target.hppc == 0 && $open == 0] {set $open 1 | wait 400 | usegroundxyz $mx $my $mz}

    This will loot any target, including but not limited to, All PS bosses (including hades), players during PVP, Captured Slaves, Sea Serpents.

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